Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eighteen Eyes

It was inevitable.

I wear glasses. My husband wears glasses. C wears glasses. It's now M's turn.

At his annual physical in October, the nurse noted during the vision test that one of his eyes is a good bit weaker than the other. Just like me. And it's his right eye, just like me. I figured I'd get him into the optometrist "soon." Read: procrastinate as long as possible.

Then a couple people mentioned to me that he seemed not to be able to read things at a distance well. Okay, no more procrastinating.

Yesterday was the appointment, and sure enough, glasses are on the way.

After determining this, the optometrist walked with us to the area of her office where the frames are. She picked out a couple and tried them on M. They looked good. I checked the price. The first pair she picked was $245. For the frame. For a nine year old.

I don't think so.

The next pair was $180.


And on like that.

I recognize that the economy is probably taking it's toll on the optometrist, too, but get real. I wouldn't put glasses that expensive on a kid in boom times. Especially since C has already gone through pairs of glasses, three of which are at the bottom of the harbor.

Finally, *I* found a pair that was on special for $75 for everything. They looked fine on M. Done.

I think we're going to find a new optometrist.

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