Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Classic Family Moment

Several weeks ago I went to a meeting in town of parents looking to get some additional services in the schools for their kids. It was an interesting meeting. Afterwards, I called my mom to ask what she remembered about some similar services I received in school as a youngster. We had a good conversation, reassuringly so. My relationship with my mom can be quite a roller coaster. At the end of the conversation, she promised to think on it more and send me some links.

Late last Tuesday, I opened that email from her. I replied thanking her for her effort, and that I probably would be putting the issue on hold for a while as I looked for a new job since the company I was working for had shut down and I was laid off. I didn't hear back, but that's kind of par for the course. I figured we'd talk shortly - it's the holiday season and all that.

On Christmas Eve, my niece called to tell me about losing her front tooth. It was a funny and sweet conversation; she was so, so excited. Then she said Grandma was there and wanted to talk to me.

So Mom gets on the phone and we do our Merry Christmases and all that. I asked if she'd seen my email. Mom said, "Yes, I did."

And that was it.

She didn't say another word.

Then, "Well, I've got to go. Let me pass you on to your brother."



Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. Do you think she forgot what it said? Is she weird about you working? This reminds me so much of my Dad. He can be ok and then WHAM I get slammed. I try to expect less from him, I try to shield myself, but he still can get to me. HUGS LT

J said...

She's not weird about me working - she's just weird about offering support of any kind. Her sum total of support when C was so sick was, "Let's just hope for the best."

No matter how much I know she's like this, that it's her, not me, and much as I try to avoid seeking any kind of support from her, it gets to me. She is still my mom, after all.