Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Open Memos (You Know Who You Are)

After reading this, one might get the impression that I am not in the best of moods right now. One might be right.

To the school committee candidate:

Acting holier-than-thou and failing to acknowledge the presence (much less contributions) of current school committee members at public campaign events does not help your cause. Neither does revealing names of students involved in specific programs and incidents. Nor indicating what you think of current administration members. It was noted. Then talking about how you can bring open, trustworthy communication to the role? The thuds you heard were jaws dropping to the floor. You may be better than the alternative candidate, but not by much.

To a specific family member on one side of the family:

If I have to listen to you complain one more time about how broke you are, then hear all about your most recent ski vacation in Park City (fifth this winter) and how you just got the cutest shirt/sweater/shoes/whatever, I am going to reach my hand through the phone line and throttle you. And I won't feel the least bit guilty.

To the CTO:

Typically one decides before inviting candidates in for interviews and then calling references for a specific candidate to actually fill the role, instead of doing all that, then sitting on it for weeks, stringing the candidate along, and still not making a decision whether to actually fill the role, and not offering any time frame on when the decision will be made. I am just saying. I'm still interested. Please let me know soon.

To certain members of the other side of the family:

Do not be surprised if you are not invited to my daughter's birthday party, or to anything else in the foreseeable future. We're tired of offers of support, gifts, and contact in general being totally unacknowledged and unappreciated. We're tired of the non-acknowledgement and non-support when things happen with us. I give up.

To my husband:

I love you very much and I know you are really trying hard to support me emotionally right now, but please stop saying you "know" how hard it is to keep my chin up and look for a job. You don't. You had exactly one job search, you had exactly two interviews and two offers. You don't know. I appreciate your efforts, but please stop saying that.

To the boys of summer:

Sorry, not even my favorite rookie is cheering me right now (astonishing as that magazine photo spread was). I'll get back to you guys soon. Promise.

To C:

Can you please, please cool the pre-adolescent drama for a bit? It would just help a whole lot. Thanks. And that extravagant vacation you want this summer? Not gonna happen. Sorry.

To M:

Thanks for the hugs. You are so good at figuring out when I need them.

To S:

I could use some more hugs.


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Sounds like it isn't the best day for you. I hope things get better.

eba said...

Not the best day?? How about not the best month? Or not the best year so far. Let's hope the next quarter, at least, goes a little better than this quarter has gone. Yow.

Pantheist Mom said...

Well damn.

I hope your sweeties keep coming through on the hugs. This has been just a horrible stretch for you. :-(

Did you see the video from Lowell's dance-off? That will make you smile for a few minutes, hopefully.


Ruthie said...


Hope things get better soon.

Lynne Thompson said...

Haven't stopped by in a while. Just wanted to say -- hang in there, and here's a HUG. --LT