Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Good Energy for E and her Parents, Please

My friend's daughter was readmitted to the hospital on Friday. There was a leak in the repair of the structural malformation. She underwent 5 more hours of neurosurgery yesterday.

C, the mom, feels guilty and thinks she did something wrong. S, the dad, is angry. E is sitting up and doing okay (with a temporary drain in the back of her head) physically, but seems fragile emotionally, according to K, C's sister.

I saw C and E on Friday. I made her some hats. Something didn't feel right to me, but it was hard to communicate that to C. She apparently felt enough unease on her own to take E in, and thank goodness she did.

I've been talking to C's sister. We're worried for C and S - and E, of course. Any good vibes you can muster, please send them.

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Pantheist Mom said...

Oh no. I hope this is a temporary setback and she'll be back to recovery very soon. Your poor friend C... :-( How could it POSSIBLY be her fault, but how could anyone possibly convince her otherwise? I wouldn't even want to try.

I hope time is on their side and they'll be on the other side soon. Sending all my good energy to that sweet little girl.