Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's Only 9AM?

About 4AM, S woke up needing some comfort. She ended up coming into bed with us. That was fine.

At 5:30AM, my husband received a work call. He should not have gotten it. It was for a very small matter, and there is a chain of people that should have been called first. He was annoyed, and as he made several calls to find out where the protocol had broken down, his voice rose such that I woke up and could hear him well, even though he was downstairs.

I tried to settle back to sleep, but it was taking a while. Just as I got close...

About 6:15AM, S started crying that her tummy hurt. Uh-oh, I thought. I ran through various scenarios in my mind, how I would handle the day, the plans. We think she really just needs to poop, and helped her to the potty. Some progress. I settled her and I back down, hopefully for more sleep, but....

Shortly thereafter my husband started getting ready for work, making bits of noise around the room. Oh, well. So much for more sleep.

S decided she wanted to watch PBS, so I set it up for her. After my husband left for work, I went downstairs to get some coffee. While downstairs, I heard something fall upstairs. S had knocked a wine glass from late last night off my bedside table and it shattered.

After cleaning that up, I was back downstairs trying to motivate C to take the dog out. It is his responsibility to take the dog out in back morning and evenings for her usual business. After taking her out once to pee and feed her, I asked him to take her out again so she could poop, as she usually does after breakfast. C did take her out, but came back in rather quickly. Not enough time to let the poor dog do her stuff. I asked if she had pooped, and he said yes.

After a few moments of conversation and mom-looks, I learned that, no, she hadn't pooped, and he'd been lying to me on this topic intermittently. Today's excuse? It's cold out there.


So C is grounded for a while. This is not his first lying offense, but it has been a while. We'll have a long talk later about how he is trouble for the lying part, not the wanting to come in because it's cold part. And we'll talk about responsibility and how not giving the dog enough opportunity to relieve herself is not fair to the dog. Etc.

All before 9AM on a Saturday morning.

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