Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Laundry Stew

My washing machine broke down today. It just stopped. I look in, and the clothing in there (mostly S's and mine) is sitting in a tub of water. I can't get to the laundry. It's a front loader; the door is locked and persistently so. I've tried cutting the breaker to reset the computer, and nothing. I tried other ways of tricking it, but it's stuck.

I called for a repair. I bought the extended warranty when I bought this washer less than two years ago (after the other one died at four and a half years), and although that warranty will pay for the visit and the repair, they can't get a technician here until Tuesday.

That's Tuesday, six days away.

Until then, I have laundry stew in the basement and I am NOT PLEASED!

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