Monday, October 29, 2007

Please Excuse Us if We're a Little Bleary

I bet the local roads - notorious for impatient drivers - are fairly tame this morning. Our team has won. We are bleary but smiling.

It was an extremely full weekend at our house anyway. M's birthday was Friday, and his birthday party was Saturday. Imagine ten 8-year-olds, 40 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke, 60 rolls of Mentos, a large bag of Wint-o-green LifeSavers, a homemade potato cannon (using compressed air) and ping pong balls, golf balls, mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes. The woman who lives across the street is going to wonder why there are tomatoes growing in her woods next spring.

The only downside to the party was in the last possible moments. There were four boys left and they were running around the yard trying to give one another wedgies while waiting to be picked up. Just as I approached them to settle down when I was thinking they were getting a little too rough, B manages to give P a hard wedgie, and P reacts fairly instinctively - with his elbow in B's nose. As B's mother was pulling up. It was a gusher.

Still, M had a pretty great birthday weekend, and last night capped it off really well. We woke up the boys for the last inning, though M refused to get out of bed (and this morning claims we never tried to wake him up). C woke up just fine for those last moments - and had the grumpy attitude this morning to prove it.

After watching the post season, I have some items to add the the GM's to do list:

1. Resign the series MVP. Now.
2. Give some love to the rookies - specifically this one and this one. They rocked.
3. Encourage the Comeback Kid to do some public service announcements or whatever for LLS. Think about it: a year ago the kid had just had his first round or two of chemotherapy and now he's the winning pitcher in the final game of the World Series.
4. Receive notes of apology from everyone who questioned your efforts to sign this one. Myself included. That grand slam last weekend makes up for all of it.

Can't wait to see Papy and Wonderboy jig - but until then, I need caffeine.


TwinsGoddess said...

Congratulations to you and your team.

Wasn't it kind of cute, the way the Rockies actually thought they had a chance?

Welcome to the American League, fellas.

Pantheist Mom said...

LOL! Was it a Mythbusters party? How fun!!! We did the Diet Coke/ Mentos thing in the cul-de-sac and it was *SO* cool.

I like your list of things for the Red Sox GM to do, especially number one since I think he is so hot. (I wrote about that in my blog. I don't have my baseball priorities exactly right).

John is one happy guy right now. Just about as happy as he was in 2004. This was a good year. :-)

Happy birthday M! (Did you hold his party on the right day? Are you sure which day he was born? (g))