Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Relief Anyway

My husband has left for work, C already is on the bus and it’s still early here. S is asleep next to me, and M is in his own bed, gangly little body splayed every which way.

Our cardiology visit was good yesterday. For the first time in a few years, the ultrasound showed no advancing dilation of the aortic root. That is, while it has grown over the last year, it has grown in proportion to M’s growth. The ratios were the same as last year. Phew. Also, no evidence of his valve leaking at all, a common issue with bicuspid valves and a sign that further interventions might need to begin. Double phew. So no further talk of ace inhibitors or beta blockers for now.

With any luck this trend will continue for a while. Like his whole life.

Dr. B was very reassuring, as usual. The ultrasound went quickly, and we were called into an exam room quickly after the ultrasound was done. I’ve learned over the years that longer ultrasounds and longer gaps between the ultrasound and doctor exam are reasons to be concerned. My husband, who was late to the appointment, didn’t see this part, and so became very, very nervous when Dr. B insisted he sit down in the exam room and found an extra chair for him.

(Dr. B did say M was a little dry. The kid doesn’t like to drink water, but now he has doctor’s orders to do so. I promised him his own funky Sigg bottle to encourage it)

I know there are worse issues we could be facing in terms of birth defects and development and such, but it’s still hard to know you have to limit your child in any way. Still hard to know he is at increased risk even if he spends his life being careful and diligent on the issue. He’s still my baby after all. My mischievous, spunky, funny little monkey.


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I suppose that is good news. It's never easy when you know something is wrong with your child, from an insignificant cold to a heart problem. You handle it well.

Anonymous said...

What a relief! I am happy for all of you. Now onto birhday plans, right?