Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rest in Peace, Seymour

Our kitty died this evening.

Today was very hard. I felt like he really started to suffer today and it was hard to figure out how to help him. I spent a good amount of time just holding him, and I made sure the kids did the same. Finally this evening, when my husband and I arrived home, we spent a few minutes with Seymour together, then looked at each other and knew it was time to end the pain. The vet's office was kind, and my favorite of the two vets was there to help us.

M is taking it really hard. The two of them had a special little bond. M couldn't eat dinner tonight, and his sweet eyes are so swollen. We're letting M fall asleep in our bed tonight. But before lights out we made a list of M's favorite things about Seymour:

  • He was ours and we loved him
  • He purred a lot
  • He licked everyone like a puppy
  • He ate his food and drank his water with his paw
  • He would try to swat at the dog from behind the gate
  • He tried to sneak out of the house a lot in the summer
  • He'd sometimes relax in the bathtub
  • He had green-gold eyes
  • He'd sometimes drink water from the fish bowl
  • He absolutely demanded scratches
  • His favorite places were Mom and Dad's bed and Mom and Dad's closet.
I hope our big smudge of a kitty is playing in the fields of kitty heaven right now, basking in warmth. We miss him.


eba said...

not unexpected, but very sad. thank you from one lover of kitties to another for all the kindness and good care and heaps of love you showered on your beloved Seymour. I am so very sorry (and sad, as I sniffle and drip tears). -- e

Pantheist Mom said...

I'm so sorry. That's a nice list that M made.

Kitties are such nice pets, and Seymour sounds like he was a winner.

I like the idea of him basking in the warmth. Maybe Sammy is somewhere close. Hopefully they won't fight. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry :( I am sure this is hard for all of you. It was a nice idea to make a list of memories.

Anonymous said...

So hard to lose a friend. he sounds like he was so wonderful. Rest in Peace, dear Seymour. Lt