Saturday, April 05, 2008

Isn't it a Pretty Color?

It's called "An Affair in Red Square" by OPI. Just love that color.

The bruising? Oh, yeah.

It's broken.


eba said...

love the polish. the bruise? ouch. what happened?

softinthehead said...

Very pretty - such lovely toes - and OUCH! Good timing on the pedicure as I assume those feet will be up on the couch for a few days ?? :)

J said...

It was extremely dumb. I was changing to exercise and tripped walking into the upstairs bathroom. My foot met the corner of a wall at the baseboard.

Thank goodness my parents didn't name me "Grace."

I've also wondered over these last 24 hours whether any orthopods have considered something akin to frequent purchase cards. You know - come in for nine xrays and the tenth is free. Surely I'd have earned some free service my now.

Lynne Thompson said...

OW Your toes are lovely, but it hurts to look at that bruise. healing vibes, healing vibes...Get better soon! --LT