Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Today of all days

I just flipped to the health section on nytimes.com and saw this article. ("My Daughters are Fine, but I'll Never Be the Same," by Harriet Brown. Also, here.)

That it appears now, today, feels a little eerie and creepy to me. Today is C's "bad day" and tomorrow is mine.

But it's also comforting, knowing I am not alone in these feelings. I wonder if I should print out several copies and keep them handy for the people who harp, "What have you got to worry about now? Just be thankful!" Well, yeah, I am, but there's more to all of it than that. Much more.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that. It helps me understand a bit too.
I didn't know that today and tomorrow are "the days." I remember that time so vividly too. You guys will stay on my mind.
xoxo K